About the Sonning & District Welfare Trust

We provide grants to those in need in the local area.

information for applicants

The Sonning & District Welfare Trust is a small, historic charity which has for many years used interest on its long-term  deposits to help those in need.  It is run by a committee of volunteers who meet when required.

It incorporates a much older charity (founded in 1700) which is specifically intended to help with the costs of those in full-time education.


We meet periodically to make small grants to those in need that meet our particular criteria as defined in our governing body. 

Grants of money can be paid in the form of:

  • Weekly allowances for a limited period to meet a particular need
  • Special payments to relieve sudden distress
  • Payment of travelling expenses
  • Payments to assist in meeting electricity and gas bills
  • Payment of TV licences
  • Provision of items of furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel, heating appliances
  • Washing machines, electrical appliances or TV sets for the housebound
  • Meals on wheels/childminding
  • Telephone installation charges or rentals
  • Supply of books and equipment or payment of fees for instruction or examinations.
  • Educational visits
  • Travelling expenses so as to help the recipients to earn a living
  • Special payments to relieve sickness
  • Payments towards costs of adaptation to homes of the disabled
  • Food for special diets or medical and other aids
  • Invalid chairs for the disabled

Who CAN't we help?

We are sorry but we are only able to make single small grants, typically under £500,  to meet needs for specific items as defined under our governing document.

We can only help those living in Earley, Woodley, Charvil, Sonning, Eye & Dunsden and Sonning Common. 

We are unable to help in cases of general personal debt. If you fall in this category, we suggest you contact your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, which is operating an online service during the current crisis. 

We are also unable to make grants which overlap with other agencies which are providing funds.


If you think you fit within our definition of the people we may may be able to help, you should complete our application form and return it to us. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.

The form asks you to make a declaration of your current financial circumstances and to state what it is you need and why.

If you can ask a sponsor, such as a local councillor, social worker or GP, to verify your application, we are more likely to treat it favourably. Please ask them to forward your application with a covering letter.

The form can be completed online and should be returned by post or email to our Secretary using the details below.

Our address

Sue Bradley (Secretary)
c/o The Vicarage, Sonning-on-Thames, Reading RG4 6UT